Winch Operator Training Courses  

Winches are essentially one of the simplest and oldest of machines. Used by the Egyptians to build the pyramids and throughout history from seige machines to ships. In basic form nothing more than a cable or rope being pulled onto a drum of some type.

From those early days to the massive equipment used today in mining, construction, forestry and marine applications, the principles remain the same.

One thing that has changed though is the need to ensure that your operators are trained and competent. In the UK, it is a requirement of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act to ensure that adequate training is provided for all equipment operators in the workplace. Other countries have similar legislation.

Proper training also reduces the likelihood of damage, injury and unneccesary down-time. In the wrong hands, the power and capability of todays equiipment can have serious consequences.

We offer training and advice on all types of winch equipment in a wide range of environments worldwide.


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Emergency services personnel learning to exercise
total control over an unstable object using 3 different
types of winch together.

With practice they can move the car inch-by-inch
anywhere they want.

A nuclear safety monitor learns how to use self-recovery
equipment. This gives them the ability to take their
sensitive monitoring equipment into a whole range of
places they were previously unable to.


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